Don’t let small leverage limit your BIG DREAMS

X-Leverage Account is a trading account with almost zero margin requirement launched by Seventy Brokers for small capital traders.

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ASIC to restrict CFD’s Maximum Leverage

From 29 March 2021, ASIC ASIC’s product intervention order will restrict CFD leverage from 1:500 to 1:30 for retail traders.
Gold and Indices1:20
Stocks and Others1:5

What will the world looks like,

Without Leverage?

X Leverage is Here

$1 margin requirement, increase your capital utilization.

Have you ever find yourself placing a small position when a perfect trading opportunity arises due to margin restriction? The profit of catch a big wave with your position can’t even beat those that scalp the market! But when you try to trade big, your account got stopped out even with small market fluctuation.

X leverage account allows you to trade a margin of only $1. This can significantly improve your capital utilization rate and help you seize every opportunity for trading!

Win Big Lose Small

Professional traders trade using leverage to maximize profit. Leverage allows small cap traders to participate in the market, opening up more investment opportunities to the public.

With an X-leverage account, flipping your account in a short period of time will be common to you!

In order to allow traders to trade effectively and have the advantage of account profit and loss ratio. The maximum deposit for the account is 300 USD.

Products you can Trade

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Cross Pairings: